About Thai Phuong
Xin chào,
I’m Phuong, a Vietnamese illustrator who loves phở, boba milk tea, and homemade coffee from my husband : D
I graduated with a BFA in Interior Design. Working in publishers as part-time jobs, I slowly loved Illustration and Storytelling careers more. Because of this, I made a big decision to come to Brighton, UK to study for MA in Sequential Design/Illustration with a partial scholarship. Since then, I have worked with a deep passion for visual storytelling and teaching for international publishers, magazines, brands, and universities. 
Currently, I’m living and working in Los Angeles. I would love to collaborate with you to do books, children’s books, illustrations, films, and creative projects! 
For publishing projects of Children Illustration and Cover Art (U.S. and Canada), I’m honored to be represented by my amazing agent: Christy Ewers from The CAT Agency. Please see my CV and my illustration agent contact below, and I hope we can discuss collaboration soon.

Thank you!

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