I have had a great time working on illustrating the article 'What character are you in A Christmas Carol?', 
published by Brio Magazineissue of Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 for celebrating Christmas time.
Special thanks to Art Director Cary and Brio Team for giving full trust in my ability, and a big thanks to Christy and Christie, who are my agents, support me with their best <3
Below, I share my process of character design, composition options, choices of storytelling poses, coloring testing, and final rendering.
*The article doesn't require character design. After reading the quiz, I felt that I should really understand the specific personalities of Tiny Tim, Charwoman, and Mr. Scrooge, and how modern characters' personalities would relate to them. So, I enjoyed the character design step mostly _ to bring the contrast sets of characters more believable.
Thank you for viewing, and have a great day!

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